Our debut recording has its genesis in our very first rehearsal. Mendelssohn’s Op. 13 lay open on our stands. From the first notes played of the warm and tender opening chorale, we felt the energy and spirit of Mendelssohn’s writing come to life through our musical communication with one another.  We have performed Op. 13 in numerous concerts since, and each time it is like reuniting with an old friend or returning home. Our feeling of reunion parallels how Mendelssohn "returns home" to the opening chorale in the final hushed moments of the work. The emotional journey that is Mendelssohn's Op. 13 reminds us of the start of our own journey as the Calidore String Quartet.


Haydn begins the "Emperor" Quartet with four distinct fragments. Each fragment has a completely new character and emotion from the one before it. Yet when linked together these fragments form a coherent introduction that elegantly combines optimism and wit. In this way, the four statements in the opening serve as a metaphor for our quartet. We are four individuals with unique musical voices (and we are also quite the characters). But when the music calls for a spirited virtuosic union or a solemn chorale, we meld our spirits into one, as in the hymn of the second movement of the "Emperor."