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Music@Menlo has announced the release of the LIVE 2018 recordings—Creative Capitals. A collection of live recordings highlighting performances from the 2018 Music@Menlo summer festival season, the sixteenth edition of Music@Menlo LIVE is available both online and in an eight-CD box set.

Creative Capitals celebrates urban locales that have inspired some of Western classical music’s greatest composers—London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Leipzig, Berlin, Budapest, and Vienna. Each disc explores the music that has emanated from these cultural epicenters, comprising an astonishingly diverse repertoire spanning some three hundred years that together largely forms the canon of Western music.

The Calidore String Quartet is featured on the fifth disc of Creative Capitals LIVE. The quartet is joined by flutist Stephanie McNab for the selections from the monumental Musical Offering, produced after an aging J. S. Bach traveled to Berlin in 1747 to answer the contrapuntal challenge issued by King Frederick the Great. Mozart subsequently appeared at the same court, this time before King Friedrich Wilhelm II, to honor the new King of Prussia with his set of Prussian Quartets.

The disc concludes with the Fifth String Quartet of Béla Bartók, who almost singlehandedly established a nationalist Hungarian compositional language through years of devoted and immersive study of his nation’s folk traditions. The San Francisco Chronicle praised the Calidore String Quartet’s “pointedly fierce account” of the Bartók following the summer 2018 performance while Repeat Performances described how the Calidore “brought a sophisticated audience to their feet with their flawless performance and emotional immediacy.” San Francisco Classical Voice described the complexity of the work and wrote, “Even though I’ve heard this group before, such transparency and utter clarity in performance hardly seemed credible to the ear.”

Produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Da-Hong Seetoo, The 2018 edition of Music@Menlo LIVE is available in downloadable digital format as well as on disc. Downloading and streaming are available through online digital music retailers and streaming services including Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

About Music@Menlo LIVE

Critics have hailed Music@Menlo LIVE, the festival’s exclusive recording label, as “the most ambitious recording project of any classical music festival in the world” (San Jose Mercury News) and “without question the best CDs I have ever heard” (Positive Feedback Online). Produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Da-Hong Seetoo using state-of-the-art recording technology, Music@Menlo LIVE releases feature select concert recordings representing Music@Menlo’s signature thematic programming. Its recordings from all Music@Menlo festivals are available for purchase online at

Six-time Grammy Award-winning recording producer Da-Hong Seetoo returned to Music@Menlo for the sixteenth consecutive season to record the festival concerts. A Curtis Institute and Juilliard School-trained violinist, Da-Hong Seetoo ranks among today’s elite audio engineers, using his own custom-designed microphones, monitor speakers, and computer software. His recording with the Emerson String Quartet for Deutsche Grammophon, Intimate Letters, garnered the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music Performance.

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