Successful Debut in Köln Philharmonie / by Calidore Quartet

Translated from Kölner Stadtanzeiger (November 10, 2017):


"Calidore Quartet





"The somehow brittle polyphony in the heading of Hindemiths quartet was dissolved to a flowing cantabile; the insertions of plain dance folklore of Milhaud and Prokofjew were addressed with musician shear game joy and at the same time integrated into the whole sound concept in an ingenious way.

Quite immediately convincing was the Quartet by the beauty of its sound and the symmetry of its music. The flexible but altogether more slim vibrato with the gentle sound dome of the first violin appeared really as most agreeable old-fashioned. In addition there was the high diligence of the rehearsal which especially became obvious in the transitions of the different music parts and in the conclusiveness of developments and changes in tempo and volume.

All of these qualities accumulated in the popular Main Opus of the evening, Maurice Ravels F-Major quartet. Here everything was in poetical flow, was breeze and light reflex, skin and nerve stimulus. A better would scarcely be possible; and for this performance the Quartet was celebrated in the concert hall rightly so. Its soon return has to be hoped for – gladly together with Mendelssohns quartet Op.80, of which the adagio finished this beautiful evening in such a cautious and inspired way."